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The Mothered Momma Doula

Gifts you the knowledge of over 30 years supporting in birth, as well as the magical means of optimizing your human condition, including touch therapies, whole food and herbal nutrition, educational intensives and so very much more. The goal is the ultimate empowerment of the birthing human and her supportive team. As our human foundation is created in the womb, every measure is made to ensure our strongest start, allowing our new humans to be the change that creates a brighter, healthier world.

About The Mothered Momma

Baby Pampering

The Nurturing You Deserve

WHEREVER and HOWEVER you envision the welcoming of your newest family member,

The Mothered Momma is here to

nourish, soothe, comfort,  guide, educate, connect, and encourage you towards the

information, resources, and infinite wisdom, that will allow you to relax

into the flow of a perfect unfolding.

The Nurturing Touches


To learn more about what you should know and what to expect in areas of fertility, nutrition, labor, optimal fetal positioning, birth, post-partum, breastfeeding,  and more please have a look at my Blog and Resources Page

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