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Declaration of Intent

Here at The Mothered Momma, the intention is to provide you, your family and your birth team the education, tools, resources and support you need to welcome your new family member earthside with the optimal foundation for the healthiest lifetime.



Microbiome Certified Instruction

At The Mothered Momma, we understand a healthier world begins at birth.



Nutritional Guidance And Support

At The Mothered Momma, the goal is to support optimal health of your family for generations to come.

Healing Touch



Massage And Healing Touch Therapies

As a licensed massage therapist, The Mothered Momma knows well the power of physical touch healing practice in your prenatal, labor, birth and postpartum experience.

Birth Team


Birth Partner Education /Support Team Building

Regardless of whether your choice is to have a doula support you at your birth, or to limit your BIRTHday party guest list to your medical provider, The Mothered Momma is here to support you.


Breastfeeding Education/Resources

All doula packages include extensive breastfeeding education from the invaluable viewpoint of hindsight and hands on experience, and including resources and contacts.

Placenta Encapsulation


Placenta Encapsulation Resources

If placenta encapsulation is part of your birth plan, The Mothered Momma will transport your placenta to the encapsulator of your choice. Placenta encapsulation resources available.


Childbirth Education

Includes detailed orientation through the varied stages of labor, as well as tools and tips to prepare for and navigate the journey with ease and confidence. In depth discussion and demonstrations to encourage the incredibly important, “optimal fetal positioning” and so much more, are just a few examples of what is offered here!


Labor Tea/Infusions & Yummy Treats

The Mothered Momma’s signature blend of herbs create a wonderful infusion to strengthen, prepare, and support your pregnant, laboring, and recovering body. This, along with many other original treats, samples, and recipes make this experience one of a kind in its delicious education.