APRIL DAWN has been attending pregnant, laboring, and newly born families for over 30 years. Having attended her first birth while still in high school, she felt ignited by the calling to support families as they bring their babies Earthside. In this spirit, she has dedicated her life to the study of all things health, nutrition, healing-touch modalities, and the human microbiome. She began her work, headed for Nursing, but decided instead to focus upon the more Wholistic and Natural Health World. She has since worked extensively in the Naturopathic, Chiropractic, and Nutritional Health arenas. She is a licensed massage therapist for over a decade, a Food-Healing Instructor and Master of Culinary arts, specific to making health taste like heaven! She has worked as both a Birth Assistant and Doula in the birth world, in home, hospital, and birthing center venues. Currently, as founder of “The Mothered Momma” Doula service, she seeks to empower every new family through education and compassionate care of the WHOLE human as an individual, ensuring awareness of the colossal significance of our very first breaths, and how the way in which we are allowed to begin our beginning, shapes and influences our lifetimes.