So my 3 day old daughter was in NICU. She was being fed via IV, as there was concern she would aspirate anything given by mouth. Her 1rst lung had collapsed at birth when she took her 1rst breath, as she was premature, and not enough surfactant had built up to seal the air inside the lung. This is called a pneumothorax. The 2nd lung had just collapsed, and they had placed a tube to breathe for her. They sent me the hospital priest to pray with and instruct me to “get affairs in order, in case she didn’t make it”. She still had not had ANY of my breastmilk, since they INSISTED she not be fed by mouth, although I was pumping furiously and collecting in hope It was it THIS POINT that I demanded to speak to the head of the neonatal intensive care unit. I told him that I knew she needed my milk, and that I KNEW he could find a way to get it in her. He agreed to try feedings of my milk with a GI tube that went into her stomach, via her nose, but was also hesitant, since she was so weak, and there was fear she wouldn’t make it. Still, I insisted, and he went forward with my request.

Within 24 hours of receiving my milk, all her vitals stabilized, and she was able to be taken off the ventilator, to breathe on her own. Just 48 hours later she was able to feed at the breast. She went home less 1 week later, having reached an acceptable weight. That baby will be 19 in March of 2022…/ that baby that “might not make it”. THIS is the power of human milk. It is literally customized to suit the needs of the baby as they are requesting it from the breast. Our human bodies are wonderfully and perfectly designed.

Mama’s milk is magic.

NEVER DOUBT YOUR BODYS ABILITIES TO PROVIDE FOR YOUR BABY. If you are experiencing breastfeeding difficulties, there are people who specialize in this very thing. Chances are, your insurance may even cover their assistance. REACH OUT. If you are in the Orlando and surrounding areas, these are a few of my favorite Lactation Angels