Doula, April Dawn , wiping the feet of a newborn after stamping them at Tree of Life Birth Center in Altamonte Springs.



Doula Support Donations Change People’s Lives!


Your Doula Support Donation can make all the difference in a new families first time meeting.

At the Mothered Momma, we understand that our birth experience affects who we become, and it is our deepest desire to offer more loving and compassionate humans to this world, who are then, raised by empowered and conscious parents.

We use education, resources and support to ensure that each new human is given the opportunity for a more gentle, loving, compassionate and conscious arrival upon our planet.

Our approach and application often requires many days of planning and in person support. We wish to provide for as many families as possible, regardless of financial circumstance, and will often provide service to single parents, and homes with extreme and unfortunate circumstance, most often, at great financial burden to The Mothered Momma company.

If it is your wish to help make a better world for us all, and you feel led to offer excellent doula support to those who cannot afford it, please feel free to offer a doula support donation, here.

Your donation will be used toward, herbs, essential oils, homeopathies, sustenance, educational tools and supplies, transportation to prenatals, birth, and postpartum visits, birth snacks for both laboring Mothers and her team, and SO MUCH more.

We appreciate your gift, and hope you feel in your heart, the difference it will make for us all!