“The microbiome is defined as, ‘all the microbes in a certain niche(or human)’ –

that can be bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, etc., and also their metabolites(or waste product) that they produce.”

~Gregor Reid, Professor of Immunology and Surgery, at University of Western Ontario


The health of the microbiome is the definitive factor of every humans personal health. The foundation and future structure of this community of microbes begins forming in utero, and is made concrete via our birth experience. Since the ultimate health of our microbiome is dependent upon microbial diversity, the manner in which we arrive Earthside must be regarded with extreme care. Thus ensuring the principal structure – or, seeding of the microbiome – occurs through the bacterial transfer from mother to baby.

This is a primary focus in the educational and supporting practices of The Mothered Momma.


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“According to recent studies, humans in the U. S. alone, have lost between 15% and 40% of our microbial diversity. This is dangerous to us longterm because it is exactly this diversity that protects us from disease. 

~Professor Martin Blaser, Director of Human Microbiome Project, New York University and Author of, “Missing Microbes”