Build A Brilliant BIRTHday Team!

Your child deserves to be welcomed Earthside in the most loving, gentle, and supported of manners. Just as in all of life’s events – particularly our very most important ones! – you deserve to feel empowered, safe, respected, and heard in your birthing space. The Mothered Momma seeks to connect you only with the most dedicated, passionate, and conscientious of birth and family wellness providers. It is a focused effort to ensure your expanding family has the ultimate of respect, safety, and guidance toward the warmest welcome, in your BIRTHday party experience.

NOTE: As I believe that your birth space and parental relationship deserve to be regarded always, with the ultimate of respect for its sacred nature, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. While the providers I recommend here are those with whom I have had close personal experience – either through client births, or through those of close family or colleagues – Each provider has their own policies and practices, which they change or continue, according to their own experience or preference. Please consult well, ask many questions, and discover for yourself, whether they are the perfect fit for your family.