Here’s what some of the beautiful families that I have had the privilege of supporting think of my services:

Winter Park Doula


“April was amazing!!!! She was very crunch/natural minded which is exactly what I wanted. Super informed on all things that could possibly go into a birth plan so that I could make informed choices. Her knowledge on nutrition was very unexpected, far beyond the typical health recommendations to include things like how to eat for maximum absorption of nutrients. Oh and she cooks amazing food from scratch and does massages!!!! I very highly recommend her.”

– Amanda Seljan

Doula Winter Park


“April Dawn attended both of my babies’ births, one born a preemie in the hospital and one full-term at home. She is invaluable and worth her weight in gold. I could go on and on about her AMAZING massages, nutrition advice, encouragement, magic labor pain relief, breastfeeding pointers, postpartum support, etc. but I’ll instead just state that if I were only allowed one support person at my birth, I would seriously consider ditching my husband to have April there instead! She is an amazing, loving, caring, beautiful, giving soul, and I am so thankful for her and everything she does to support new mamas!”

– Sterling Hutchinson 

Altamonte Springs Doula


“There are absolutely two words that come to mind when describing April Dawn and that is God-sent!!! She was an answered prayer, she’s more than just a doula, she’s an expert in her field, an educator, an encourager, a nutritionist, a holistic healer, an advocate for you to have the birth you want, and did I mention she’s a massage therapist too..Like wow, everything she does she does it well. Throughout our birth process she was a wealth of knowledge in the preparation of bringing our baby into this world as gently as possible. She’s a true educator, ensuring that my husband and I knew the work we’d have to do to achieve the birth we wanted. We focused on nutrition, exercise, chiropractic care and prenatal massages throughout the pregnancy. She was always available answering any question I had. When it came time to my birth I can honestly say that having her there was crucial. I chose to do a home water birth. She did acupressure on me in the heights of my surges, she ensured I was hydrated…literally giving me drinks to sip on during labor, provided encouragement right alongside my husband. My birth went perfect and exactly according to plan and I know that’s because of the tools she equipped us with and her just being there every step of the way!!! I’m so grateful and blessed to have found her.”

– Nadia White

Orlando Hospital Birth


“My experience with April has been an amazing journey! I can’t express how helpful she has been through out my pregnancy. She has unique techniques that truly work, from different positions to help smooth the ride, to affirmations that will push you to keep going. She’s your rock during your labor and for me I wouldn’t have been able to see my power to give birth without her. I’m a first time mom and ‘scared’ was a light way of putting how I envisioned my labor in the beginning. But, she helped me to see the calm and cooling side of things. You won’t regret using April Dawn as a doula.”

– Cassaundra Galanger

Doula Altamonte Springs


“We are so grateful to April! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has the heart of a teacher. Our lives have significantly changed since we started working with her. She helped educate us on the right kinds of foods and teas to eat and drink to help prepare my body and baby for birth. She was always accessible and offered great advice for different ailments throughout my pregnancy. She is an excellent massage therapist and significantly helped me during labor with different pressure points and positions. She also supported and encouraged my husband during the entire labor, delivery and after. We really can’t say enough about April. She loves what she does and it shows. We are so grateful to have had her be part of our birth team!”

– Claire Shehan

Winter Garden Doula


“I cannot say enough amazing things about April. She took such great care of me from day one. She helped me every step of the way in my pregnancy. If I ever had a question or needed anything she was there for me. She is an amazing doula and helped me so much during labor and delivery. I would recommend her to anyone.”

– Danielle Martinez

Pregnancy Nutrition


“My husband and I love April! We had a great experience with her. We found her when I was about 37.5 weeks along and she was at our side just a few days later bring our baby into this world. I had to give birth at a hospital (very reluctantly) and kept my eyes closed almost the whole time. I found out later from my husband that he and April were fiercely protecting me from medical interventions. And I did end up having the natural birth we wanted. There are so many little things that came up that we didn’t know anything about (despite my pretty dedicated research) and I deferred to April and my husband. My husband says there was a lot he didn’t know so he looked to April for answers. She would quietly shake her head or nod and he would then give our answer. Having a doula is an absolute must and April is a great choice! She very knowledgeable and caring. She also gives great education on nutrition and will bring you yummy food! Giving birth is an intimate experience and it’s really wonderful to share it with such an awesome person.”

– Nicole Deaver

Natural Birth


“April is clearly in awe of the birthing experience. Despite attending hundreds of births before mine, she still maintained a special sense of wonder and had a deep reverence for the beauty of the natural birth experience– this truly enhanced our experience and shaped our perspective throughout our whole birth. 

The first thing my husband and I spoke about on the way home with our brand new son was how thankful we were for the team of birth professionals who were present. We were both especially thankful for the way they championed the husband/wife team: anytime my husband would step in, they would move aside, but anytime he needed to step away (to eat, use the restroom, etc.), he was able to do so with great confidence knowing I was in the best of hands. There’s so many moments I could recount to express April’s expertise, energy, encouraging spirit, etc. but I’ll share just a few: April’s training prior to our birth made us feel comfortable and confident in the experience. I truly believe that one of the reasons we were able to stick to our birth plan was because we were so well prepared. April arrived at our home prior to our birth and supported us as we labored at home. She made sure I was as comfortable as possible, cooked me breakfast, communicated with my midwife, performed acupuncture, and monitored me closely. When it was time to head to the birth center, she helped my husband pack up the car and when we arrived, she unpacked everything for us. I was extremely nauseous for several hours before April arrived– but thanks to her awareness of the human body, she was able to get the baby in a better position and my nausea subsided. She cooked lunch for the team and dinner for us after the baby arrived. April was truly a rock during our birth– because of her we didn’t HAVE to think about anything but delivering our beautiful baby in a calm and peaceful environment. I’d go on, but I only have limited space. In short: best decision ever!”

– Barbara Gritter

Hear From The Incredible People I Get To Work With To Support These Amazing Families!

Home Birth


“I am honored to work alongside such a dedicated and devoted doula. She offers support through massage, fertility awareness and nutritional counseling as well.

As a Midwife, I recommend her to my clients with complete confidence.”

Estee Luna Zosman